What is a Licensed Paralegal?

Paralegals in Ontario are Licensed and Regulated by the Law Society of Ontario and are able to provide representation to clients at Tribunals and Small Claims Courts. A Licensed Paralegal may also provide representation in Summary Conviction Criminal Matters. The LSO provides an extensive list of charges Paralegals can provide assistance on.

Currently, Paralegals are not able to represent a client in the Family Court System.

*Free 30 minute consultations*       Legal work cannot be performed during the 30 minutes free 

DISCLAIMER: Information on this site is not to be considered to be legal advice. You should contact FPS for any assistance required. Any contact by telephone, email or in person is not to be considered a paralegal-client relationship until a written retainer agreement is made. Services can only be provided that are within the scope of a Paralegal. Personal information to verify identity will be required at a consult and is kept private and confidential. FPS is not responsible for the accuracy of any
information provided by links and other referred to websites.  

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